Hounslow – Our history and how the town continues to develop

The historic town of Hounslow, situated to the west of London, dates to mediaeval times. Though not mentioned in the Domesday survey in 1086, it was first mentioned as a town in the thirteenth century.

Accelerating forward seven centuries, the modern borough of Hounslow was established in 1965, succeeding the Borough of Heston and Isleworth and merging with neighbouring local authorities of Brentford, Chiswick, and the council of the urban district of Feltham.

The High Street has been progressively developed from the 1960s onward, with a mixed development of offices and shops. By the 1980s, the shops and new library of the Trinity Centre replaced the civic buildings of Treaty Road.

This process of redevelopment has led to many apartments and commercial premises in the Blenheim centre, which opened in 2006 and, more recently, the development of the mixed-use Hounslow High Street Quarter, adding a public square, a 27-storey residential tower and a multiplex cinema which currently is not used.

Our architectural and design agency began practising in Hounslow in 2009, with our first project at 101 – 105 High Street Hounslow. This project was for a scheme of 9 apartments above existing commercial premises. This led to numerous other developer-led projects around Hounslow high street area, including:

  • 102 High Street Hounslow
  • 115-119 High Street Hounslow
  • 121 High Street Hounslow
  • 140 High Street Hounslow
  • 158 High Street Hounslow
  • 171-173 High Street Hounslow
  • 142 High Street
  • 182-186 High Street Hounslow
  • 189 High Street Hounslow
  • 215 High Street Hounslow
  • 63 Hanworth Road
  • 8 Gilbert Street
  • 12-32 Lampton Road
  • 215 Staines Road
  • Quest House Staines Road
  • Falcon House Staines Road
  • Pharmacia House Prince Regent Road

We are currently residential architects for a further five sites under construction in Hounslow and have an additional five at the planning stage for a total of 60 more apartments.

As a specialist residential architectural practice, we work to design aspirational residential communities. We aim to excite our clients with designs that are both stimulating and enhance the setting they live in. Combined with a historically successful relationship with local authorities, we make your projects happen.

Our extensive list of projects completed in Hounslow has allowed us to build a strong relationship and unique understanding of the requirements of our local planning department, enabling us to achieve planning approval for our projects with few revisions required.

Hounslow Quarter Scheme

The Hounslow Quarter Scheme has been developed around a square and boasts a new multiplex cinema, food quarter, and 400 new homes.

However, the success of the Hounslow Quarter is still uncertain as there seems to be little footfall to the rear and the cinema, which currently remains unoccupied, drawing no passer-by into the area.

The scheme was initially designed to bring new vitality to the area but has had little impact on the High Street, where the mass of people still shop and socialise.

The Hounslow area should be a magnet for investment and high-end shopping opportunities; it has after all three tube stations and other infrastructure to support such investment. To date, investment in Hounslow has been inward-looking, including a new town hall and high-quality residential developments. However, to improve the image of Hounslow and its desirability, the local authority needs to review their approach to enhancing the high street to make it a more vibrant and attractive location.

The planning department aspired for Hounslow to be viewed as the new Ealing, a status it has yet to achieve. The residential offering in Hounslow continues to increase in quantity and quality but to truly achieve its aspirations to become the jewel of West London, which it has the potential to achieve, the high street needs attention to become an exciting, desirable destination.

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