Mirsad Jusic's Profile

Mirsad Jusic

Architectural Assistant

With 37 years of experience in Architectural business and Design, Mirsad graduated from Sarajevo University in 1984. Early experience, including working as a professor in High Architectural School, Planning officer in a planning department, part of a structural team in Town Planning Urban Design and Development in Tuzla and finally as Minister of Disasters for Floods and Earthquakes. Mirsad joined GAA Design in 2009 and has worked on many projects in the residential sector, education, retail and commercial developments. With strong construction detailing knowledge and advanced knowledge of several 3D design software packages, he thoroughly understands UK regulations and national, regional and London strategic planning and development issues. He has experience with the majority of planning departments across London as well as Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. Mirsad’s favourite building is Dancing House by Frank Gehry.
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