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GAA Design is a dynamic collective of young and gifted architects and designers, infusing our work with innovative ideas and fresh perspectives. We specialize in creating visionary residential communities throughout the UK. Our mission is to captivate our clients with designs that inspire and elevate their surroundings. Leveraging a proven track record of collaboration with local authorities, we transform your projects from vision to reality


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we design get approval then deliver

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Crafting Tomorrow's Vision Today-Welcome to Our Architectural World

GAA Design was founded in 2008 in Nottingham, UK, by Sundeep Singh Bhavra. Over the years, the company has achieved numerous significant milestones, including securing consent for several noteworthy buildings in London and the surrounding counties. Notable projects include the redevelopment of Slough's Town Centre. GAA Design has also been instrumental in helping clients replace defective facades, with several projects either underway or already completed. Additionally, the company has successfully obtained consents for inner urban sites, exemplified by the 141 The Broadway project in Wimbledon.

Throughout its history, GAA Design has garnered recognition for its commitment to tackling complex design challenges and consistently delivering added value to its clients.

We firmly believe that exceptional design should encompass more than just aesthetics; it should seamlessly blend functionality and environmental responsibility. At the core of our architectural philosophy is a profound comprehension of our clients' requirements and the unique contexts in which we operate. Our collaborative approach entails working hand-in-hand with our clients from inception to completion, ensuring the realization of their vision and the creation of spaces that are not only visually striking but also highly functional

Our commitment to honesty and integrity is unwavering, and we uphold this tradition in every facet of our business relationships.

We approach all interactions with an inherent attitude of respect, valuing the unique perspectives and contributions of each individual.

Our service excellence instils confidence, driven by our unwavering dedication to exceptional service delivery.

We place great importance on nurturing both existing and new relationships with clients and team members, fostering collaboration and growth. 

Our commitment to continuous improvement drives us to invest in education and research, ensuring ongoing growth and progress.

We actively seek ways to contribute positively to the environment within our spheres of influence, striving to create a sustainable impact.


Consultation and initial meeting

Our initial phase involves engaging with the client to explore their requirements, aspirations, and project timeline.


Concept design

Once a mutual agreement is established, we proceed to craft a concept design that aligns with the client's specifications, providing a comprehensive vision for the project.


Design development

After receiving the client's approval on the concept design, we initiate the development of detailed design, drawings, and comprehensive plans. This phase often entails collaborative efforts with engineers, contractors, and specialised experts to ensure the feasibility of the design.


Statutory Approvals

Whether it's for planning or construction purposes, we diligently procure the requisite permits and approvals from local authorities. This entails the submission of meticulous plans and documents for thorough review, as well as prompt response to any inquiries posed by the local authorities. Our track record stands as a testament to our excellence in securing these consents.

Crafting a lasting legacy, project by project

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    Our team is comprised of experienced architects, designers, and project managers who share a common goal of creating exceptional spaces.

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    Our team consists of seasoned architects, designers, and technicians who all share a common objective: crafting outstanding spaces

    Amar Singh Sidhu

    Assistant Architect

    Boyana Radin

    Assistant Architect

    Sundeep Singh Bhavra

    Managing Director

    Harpinder Singh Bahra

    Assistant Architect

    Bill Van Heerden

    Senior Architectural Consultant

    Gimy Gethaun

    Architectural Assistant

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